Regional office of WellesMir Company in Chernivtsi

All women wish to look completely perfect in the most important day of life. This kind of wishes can become true easily, because nowadays wedding industry offers a wide choice of wedding dresses, which are produced with using of interesting, stylish and colorful solutions. Wedding dresses, which are produced by WellesMir Company, are a bright example of a new fashion. These models can attract each client, who will visit your salon. Each client can make a wholesale purchase of stylish wedding dresses in Chernivtsi. You need to use our official website, where you can make your order at any time. Close and constant co-operation with our company will give you a great opportunity to fill up an assortment of your wedding salon with the latest models of bridal dresses, which are correspond with the latest fashion trends.

Different interesting offers by WellesMir designers

After looking through our catalogue, you will find perfect wedding dresses, which are produced by the example of six general wedding dresses cuts. However, each wedding dress is unique. A view of completed bridal dress depends on not only a kind of model, but also on fabrics and décor kinds too. Finally, we offer making wholesale offers of wedding dresses in Chernivtsi, which are presented with several cuts, such as:

  • Classical bridal dresses. These dresses are chic and look like luxury dresses for ball. Every time they are in a good demand among many brides. Many women dreamed to become a real princess or Cinderella in childhood.
  • Universal wedding dresses, which are produced with a special cut called “Princess”, which will make your clients dreams come true;
  • Tender and romantic bridal dresses, which are made in Greek style. They have been also presented in our e-shop catalogue;
  • Attractive wedding dresses of “Mermaid” style. They were presented during last years in all famous fashion shows. They are available in catalogue too.
  • Short bridal dresses for unofficial ceremonies. These dresses will be suitable for women, who value comfort first of all.
Wedding dresses by our manufacturer in Chernivtsi are full of originality, uniqueness and real high-quality, which are really important for each bride. A bride has to spend all day in her wedding dress. Accordingly each wedding dress has to be comfortable. It has to make possible to body breathe in it and it has to absorb moisture too. Finally each dress has to make each bride’s beauty perfect.