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Wedding veils for brides

A long luxurious dress with a veil still remain the basic components of the wedding image, despite the wide range of other headdresses available. This may be due either to the old belief that a veil protects a bride from evil spirits, or because it is an exquisite, romantic and beautiful accessory that completes the image of a modern bride.

Regardless of what arguments the girls are guided by when complementing their image with this accessory, the designers of "WellesMir" offer bridal veils for every taste.

Classical veil and modern bridal image

One can pick up a veil for any wedding attire from our catalog:

  • veil with embroidery – an exquisite headdress, which always looks delicately and mysteriously. The best option is the average length that fits many dresses;
  • lace headdresses giving a feeling of elegance, but are recommended to be put on with thick hair, because the decoration itself is pretty heavy;
  • classical edged veils. They are light, look gentle and fit almost any dress.

As you can see, it's necessary to buy wholesale bridal veils for your salons, because this unusually traditional detail of the wedding image subtly emphasizes the bride's central role at the celebration. Wedding veils available in the online store of "WellesMir" are fashionable, comfortable and incredibly beautiful headdresses, which visually correct appearance, hide its disadvantages or emphasize advantages.

Ordering wedding veils by designers of "WellesMir" is receiving the opportunity to create charming, touching and romantic images for the clients, regardless of which model of wedding attire they choose