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The advantages of buying wedding dresses in bulk from the WellesMir manufacturer

High quality

We offer our clients only high-quality dresses. We are helped by qualified experts and well-established production technology. Another guarantee of quality is expensive materials and fittings from reliable vendors. So, choosing the WellesMir manufacturer, you can be sure of high-quality of products.

Convenient service

In our online store, you can place an order quickly and easily. If you have any questions, you can contact our managers any time. They will help you to choose the optimal method of delivery and payment, as well as tell you about all the options of the mutually beneficial cooperation.

Own production

Our company is a major manufacturer of wedding, evening and children's dresses. The high speed of production makes it possible to produce a large number of products in a short time and with minimal costs. Working with wholesale customers, we offer them affordable prices and quality guarantee of the manufacturer.

Exclusive design

Our team of talented designers is responsible for the dress design. They always follow the latest fashion trends and embody them in life. Over the years, they managed to explore the preferences of the modern girls, so their beautiful dresses are always popular among customers from all over the world.

Wedding dresses

On our website, you can find a suitable dress for every bride. A variety of styles, colors, and decorations create together a huge range of outfits. You don't need to make a difficult choice because each dress by WellesMir is perfect and can interest Your clients.

Evening dresses

There are no evening outfits more stylish than dresses by WellesMir. Unusual fabrics, intricate designs and amazing accessories adorn each of them. You have to spend no more time looking for high-quality and beautiful dresses because there is an outfit for a girl of any age, shape, and taste.

Children’s dresses

For the youngest fancy girls, we offer cute children's dresses. They are not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear on a holiday. A large variety of styles and colors will help you choose a dress that will please both little daughter and caring mother.



WellesMir Company offers you to fill in and widen the assortment of your wedding salon with wedding goods, which are presented on our official website. If you value the high-quality production and attractive prices, we are able to interest you with our wedding goods. We make wholesale purchase of wedding dresses, which are correspond to the latest trends of fashion and European standards of quality. Due to work of qualified specialists and using of the newest technologies, our company have already reached a great success and become a part of international wedding markets. During many years of hard work, we have conquered sympathies of many clients from all over the world. Therefore, we improved our production process for offering you the best kinds of wedding production only. We also sell dresses for the other celebration, as a party and children’s holiday. You can buy dresses from the manufacturer wholesale cheaply, but the quality will please you.

Wholesale wedding dresses by manufacturer

If you want to sell the best kinds of wedding dresses to your clients, please pay your attention on wholesale wedding dresses by Welles Mir manufacturer. These bridal dresses were produced specially for you. A great variety of wedding dresses models will help you to choose the brilliant bridal dress for girl with any shape of figure and taste of fashion. Regularly we update the assortment of wedding goods for offering trendy wedding dresses. Please, be use your chance to be sure that after making of wholesale purchase of wedding dresses by Welles Mir manufacturer, you will be able to satisfy almost all your clients. Our designers have already learned tastes of modern brides, so in case of choosing each wedding dress from our collection, you will get satisfaction by your future clients.

Where are the best places for making of wholesale purchase of wedding dresses?

Each owner of wedding salon has to find a good kind of wedding goods for his store. Sometimes this task is really complicated. However, if you are a partner of Welles Mir Company, it will be easy for you to make a good choice. For making a wholesale purchase of wedding dresses by manufacturer, you have not to go along many wholesale storehouses for searching really good kinds of wedding dresses. You will get a good opportunity to log on to the official website of Welles Mir Company, where you will be able to find the most actual models of bridal dresses. Here, you will be able to make really good choice, because our wholesale wedding dresses have different length, color and wedding dress cuts. Depending on bride’s preferences, her figure and length, you will be able to find an ideal wedding dress for each woman. Tender fabrics and high-quality furniture will help to each girl to look really gorgeous in a day of wedding celebration. It's not a secret that you should buy accessories for wedding and evening dresses at the same time with the outfit. They should harmonize in style. Therefore, the «Welles Mir» company offers interesting accessories to its dresses that has a special grace and romance. In our online shop, you can find a large selection of handbags, gloves, umbrellas for photo shoots, veils, cushions for rings, garters, coats, capes, and other little things that a woman might need in one of the most beautiful days of her life.

We guarantee that if you visit our salon, you will get many positive impressions, and can pick up the best outfit for you. We wish you catch admiring glances and stay focused at all times. We are always glad to cooperate!!