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The best option will be to take recent trends of the season, figure type and appearance of the girl and also her individual style into account. It is important to take the latest fashion trends into account, but it will also be good to emphasize own advantages with a perfectly chosen dress style. A girl should feel most beautiful at her most important holiday.

What are the most popular models of wedding dresses of 2018?

A dress with open shoulders on thin straps is now very popular. A dress with open shoulders emphasizes posture, attracts attention to clavicles, makes the image more fragile and tender. It goes well with a ¾ sleeve or with a very short sleeve. Wedding dress on thin straps

Dresses with deep V-neck. This dress style has always been popular, but this season designers offer us to deepen the neckline, sometimes even down to the navel. Also, dresses with a split corset help to achieve the same effect. Wedding dress with V-neck

Crop top (two-piece) models. You won't believe, but the designers enthusiastically offer brides two-piece sets - separate skirt and top.  And thereat it is recommended to create contrasting outfits – if the bottom is smooth, then it is necessary to select a textured patterned top and vice versa.

Lace dresses of floor length. This trend is still on top, because a long, completely lacy dress, always looks chic. The openwork pattern is so rich that it does not require any additional decorations. The only thing that can make this dress even more beautiful is an open silhouette of the back that will make the bride incomparable. Lace wedding dress

Dresses with wraps for shoulders or boleros. This dress version is just on its way to popularity and promises to become a fresh trend of 2018. Wraps can be either long or short. They can be used instead of wedding veils. Also, boleros and removable trains remain popular. Wedding dress with wrap

Patterns with volumetric inserts or appliques. Designers suggest not to overload the dress with decorative elements and give preference to one type of the decoration. For this dress, a three-dimensional applique, naturally covering the silhouette of the dress is offered. A bow can also be used as decoration.

Pale pink color. Classic white color is, of course, a top pick, but dresses more often are made in gentle shades, such as pale pink or blush pink. Use color to add floral freshness to your image, emphasize your mood and personality. Pale pink wedding dress

Button row on the back – looks reserved, adds elegance and creates a hint of flirtation. Wedding dress with buttons on the back

Of course, this is not a complete list of the best wedding dresses, because classic models also claim the place of the perfect dress.  And only trying on can help you decide on the dress and choose the best option for yourself.