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So many options to choose from!

This is especially true for the wedding fashion, where, considering the traditional dress colors and styles, the accent is usually put on certain details: a removable train, embroidery, sleeves. The designers of Welles Mir tried to amaze with diversity when creating a new wedding Luxury Collection 2017-2018.

Sleeve styles for wedding dress in Luxury Collection 2017-2018

Short sleeves – are represented in wedding dresses in several types, one of the most popular is a "balloon sleeve": a good option for owners of thin hands and graceful long fingers. The length of such sleeve can reach the elbow. Short wide sleeves in the wedding dress will help to round the shoulder line and make the silhouette more feminine;

Sleeveless dress – an excellent choice for summer or late spring, but in this case it is important to choose the right shape of a wedding dress bodice. Also, it is worthwhile to choose a wrap or a bolero to not be afraid of weather surprises. In some dresses, sleeves can be unfastened, so that one can combine two favorite options;

Three quarters sleeve – reaches the middle of the forearm. They became fashionable in America in the 50s. A wedding dress with such sleeves is the best combination of beauty and practicality. Three quarters sleeves are used to create dresses of different styles: pencil dress, princess dress and others;

Long sleeves – such a wedding dress is ideal for creating a chaste modest bridal image. Designers came up with a dozen of options. For example, one of the popular styles is "Juliet" – an elongated version of the "Balloon", wide from the shoulder to the elbow, fitting from the elbow to the wrist. Or the leader among wedding dresses with openwork sleeves – "Bishop sleeve", similar to the previous one, but featuring a cuff that wraps around the wrist. A wide part is made from of openwork fabric which also gives tenderness;

Wing sleeves – designers began to use them with wedding dresses in the XV century. These sleeves are called so because of the similarity with the finest wings of butterflies. They are great for balancing pear and banana body types. They can be both loose and multi-layered. Fashion also does not include wedding dresses with lace wing sleeves;

Lowered sleeves – or it can be called wedding dresses with open shoulders. Especially often they are used with mermaid, princess dresses. They are also divided into several types: asymmetric, classical and slipping down;

Closed sleeves – oddly enough, this is a good option even in the summer – for brides with sensitive skin. Top and back of the wedding dress with closed sleeves are also covered. A combination of dense and lacy or translucent fabrics is particularly interesting in such models.

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