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Corsets also changed their shape: from practical and simple wide leather belts to jewel-inlaid designs, from the finest removable open-worked corsets to royal wedding dresses with corsets decorated with precious stones.

Christian Dior had a fresh look at corsets, thanks to him 1947 is considered to be the second birth year of this fashionable piece of clothing. He also paid attention to wedding fashion, which is conservative and prefers long-playing solutions. Welles Mir designers are inspired by the centuries-old history of corsets and present several interesting models with corsets in Luxury Collection 2017-2018.

Corset styles for wedding dresses used in Luxury Collection 2017-2018

Corset with glitter – such a corset makes wedding dress look really royal! It also favorably demonstrates hourglass body type in such dresses as "Princess". This is the most popular option;

The above-mentioned corset type gives a designer more freedom in modeling a wedding dress silhouette. Its length can reach the hip line. This solution is used, for example, in mermaid dresses (or godet dresses), in which the upper part completely fits the figure, and then flares from the knee level down to the very floor. Similar dresses were popular in the 50s of the XX century;

High corset – wedding dresses with such corsets usually come with puffy skirts and high waistlines. They are perfect when other models "do not fit well". Also, it can be corsets with rhinestones or stones, or classic variants of the same color as a wedding dress;

Embroidered corsets – at a bride's choice – dozens of ornaments, the fashion range of which varies from season to season, whiles the decoration of wedding dresses with such corsets remains unchanged: pearls, rhinestones, beads and ribbons. If you choose embroidered corsets, then you can add lace accessories to enhance your image: a veil or gloves;

Transparent corset – an elegant solution for a wedding dress, it can especially impress with inlaid stones, beads and sequins. A designer's work on sewing them is in some way decorating the dress, but mostly is adjusting the degree of transparency of a corset;

Corsetless dresses – casual and light wedding dresses for those who choose comfort on a special day. Corsetless dresses is an idea of the French designers who were not afraid to break the monopoly of corsets in the wedding fashion. A vivid example of such a solution is an Empire dress with a high waistline and a loose airy skirt;

Smooth corset – such wedding dresses seem to be tailored in fairy tales of past centuries: tight, brilliant and charming. Smooth corsets are mostly sole coloured, designers prefer not to break their harmony with inserts of pearls or beads. wedding dresses with smooth satin A-line corsets, complemented by satin belts of the dress tone look particularly advantageous;

Guipure corset – guipure is rightfully one of the best materials wedding dresses can be made of. It is stiffer and denser than lace as for its texture, and this explains its usability and popularity. If you prefer softness and refined ornaments, we advise you to choose among wedding dresses with open-worked corsets.