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Knowing about this conservatism, designers "play" with separate elements, try to look at old solutions with fresh eyes.

In this way, we can find a dozen of skirt styles for wedding dress in the collections of the world’s leading fashion designers: from puffy models made of tulle to those gradually flaring, from a fishtail dress with a godet skirt to an extravagant wedding gown with a short skirt. So many options to choose from! Therefore, our designers included the variety of wedding skirts in the new Luxury Collection 2017-2018.

Skirts for wedding dresses of Luxury Collection 2017-2018

A puffy skirt, with fitting top and wide bottom, is a win-win variant for a wedding dress. This dress is very popular among Disney princesses, you can become princess in it, too. Wedding dresses with magnificent skirts of satin have an especially charming look – they are royally dazzling, pearly white and pleasant to the touch;

A removable skirt is an all-in-one solution for a wedding dress. Why choose from two skirts styles, if a removable train will give a chance to them to combine? Removable skirts are often used with mermaid dresses. To hide the line of fastening of such a skirt (and at the same time to surprise guests with entering in a completely different dress a few minutes later), lace, satin ribbons and bows, inlaid sequins and beads are commonly used;

A straight wedding dress skirt is for admirers of simplicity and elegance, for those who appreciate tenuity and style. To enhance the sense of volume and fragility, designers add folds to such a skirt. A wedding dress with a straight long skirt is like a white canvas, which is necessary to be adorned with an elegant palette of accessories: veils, gloves, handbags, diadems;

A slit skirt will make a wedding dress emphasize your beautiful and slender legs. There are several types of slits to choose from: asymmetric, side and middle slits. The latter is used with long skirts and used to add coquettishness to a bridal image;  

Transparent skirt is a solution that, along with transparent corsets, is included in almost every hot wedding dresses collection. And small wonder: lace, stones and sequins can easily change the level of transparency for different images, and such a skirt is made of breathable materials. The latter explains the popularity of wedding dresses with transparent skirts at summer weddings;

A double skirt is a fashion trend in the latest seasons, it gives the opportunity to combine two styles of skirts in one wedding dress at once. Another name for this miracle model is a transformer dress. Designers mostly choose a straight long skirt with a puffy overlay similar to a train, which can be unfastened and give a dress some completely different look;

A godet skirt is one of the oldest skirt styles of wedding dresses, which appeared in the 12th century in Europe. Classic features: tight top, low waist, flared skirt. The main emphasis is on the flare, which starts from the knee or mid-thigh, may be subtle or quite wide. Such dresses enhance hip and belly lines;

Skirt with flounces – in such a wedding dress you will be like Galatea from the myth about the sculptor Pygmalion. No wonder it looks like a Greek dress when made of airy fabrics. This is a good alternative to usual puffy and multi-layered skirts, which can obscure the beauty of a single piece wedding dress;

Shine bright in wedding dresses from Luxury Collection 2017-2018 by Welles Mir!