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For a long time there was a fierce debate about quality and prestige of wedding dresses of Ukrainian designers. Why does someone consider them to be excellent models of fashion, and for someone they are a second-class merchandise? Let's try to answer these questions.

Success story

It happened so that the Ukrainian designers of wedding dresses for a long time remained in the shadow of their foreign colleagues. And only in the early 2000s there appeared bright Ukrainian names associated with the world of high fashion. Unfortunately, even after the Ukrainian brands won favor of foreign partners, the attitude towards products of Ukrainian origin remained ambiguous. And all that was so because next to the famous Ukrainian designers were people who simply copied the works of fashion designers using materials of poor quality. For many years, conscientious manufacturers fought their sworn enemies. Finally, businesses that were so-called copiers just could not stand the competition and shut their affairs. However, the Ukrainian manufacturers were associated with their colleagues failures, which negatively influenced the activity of domestic brands. And only by daily work and own efforts it became possible to regain the good name of a small, but high-quality production. Over time, the trust of Europeans increased, and with it the Ukrainian shops expanded. Saying now that Ukrainians are sewing a substandard product is just a huge deception. This is an outdated stereotype ignorant people are guided by. If they were right, then goods from Ukraine would not be sold out all over the world.

Features of business policy

In a huge game called "Wedding business" Ukrainian designers of wedding dresses made a bet on quality and uniqueness. And this decision was absolutely right. A few years ago no longer copying, but some imitation of European competitors could be found in their collections. But now Ukrainian creators of style choose their own ways to achieve excellence, which helps them to stand out against the backdrop of dozens of brands. Quality and uniqueness are beyond doubt. But for the customer price also plays a big role. And precisely because of the lack of overestimation of value, Ukrainians paved their way to Europe and the CIS. After all, as they say "Why pay more?..." The product of excellent quality, which is distinguished by its beauty and actuality and does not cost as much as a personal spaceship has won the confidence of the whole world. And you still doubt it?...