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In the professional environment of wedding dress manufacturers, there is an unwritten classification of products. Under this classification all the outfits can be divided into dresses of the middle price segment, high price segment and products of elite class. It is a mistake to think that elite class is too expensive. Yes, quality dresses are not cheap, but they do not necessarily cost thousands of dollars.


Every lady has her own understanding of beauty. But elite wedding dresses must meet certain criteria. First of all, the product must look actual, that is not to contradict the fashion trends that have gained popularity at the time of purchase. Therefore, sellers, using the phrase "sale of luxury wedding dresses", are deceiving either themselves, or the customers. Elite means modern fashion, but not products from the pre-previous collection. Do not be fooled by marketing tricks. Choose only the best! At the same time, the designer of elite dresses synthesizing actual tendencies should refuse copying of the colleagues. After all, we are now talking about uniqueness that is an essential feature of the highest class products.

Difference in quality

An elite dress should consist of the best materials. This is applied not only to expensive lace for decoration, but even to lining fabric. Each seam, every inconspicuous bead and small button must correspond to the status. And one more thing about beads. Excessive amount of stones and gloss is often not a sign of chic. Sometimes this is an evidence of lack of a good taste. Therefore, let’s not confuse these concepts. The choice of accessories should be as careful as the choice of fabric. After all, a single imperfect detail can erase all previous efforts. If you try on a dress and its corset wrinkles and generally badly lies, then it is better to forget about this outfit. Do not listen to these words: it will become smoother, lie down better, it will straighten up. It won’t! Fitting is intended to see how the young lady will look on the day of her wedding. Therefore, do not amuse yourself with illusions.

Brand authority 

It's hard to argue that non-advertised brands can sew even better products than sharks of modern business do. But when we talk not just about good dresses, but about elite ones, then the manufacturer of such a dress should have a great confidence among customers. And it’s not about showing off to the friends. Simply the customer should be assured of the quality not only due to own comfortable feeling, but also because of the brand's authority.