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From ancient times wedding dress was special kind of clothes for each girl. Each bride was making a step to the new life in a snow-white traditional wedding dress. The new life of each bride used to take a start of full of happiness, love, harmony and care about new family. Therefore, there is nothing special in a true fact that each bride desires to choose the best wedding dress for her celebration.

производитель свадебных платьев в России Mission of WellesMir Company is creation of exclusive wedding dresses for brides from all over the world. For reaching of this purpose, we have created the most talented, special and opened people. We hired creative designers and modelers, who are ready for new discovers in wedding fashion world. Not each international manufacturer of wedding dresses can compete with our company, because we add part of our talent and imagination to each of our model. Only in this way we can create an ideal product.

The history of success of international manufacture of wedding dresses WellesMir

Desire of getting a quick profit is a reason, why many international producers of wedding production have already gone from wedding business. They could not reach good results in this field. However, WellesMir Company has other approach for our business. We try to work hard for producing of each collection and prototype can be different dramatically from finished model. We try to image in all dresses the most actual cuts, innovative but elegant variant of sewing. We insert different trends of modern fashion, which are imaged in unique colors of textile materials and different decorative elements. We didn’t try to get great financial success. We want to make each bride really happy after buying wedding dress by our company.

российский производитель свадебных платьевManufacturer of wedding dress, which is loved by all over the world

Together with us you can open wide business opportunities. Each wedding salon owner will get true success after making co-operation with us.

Improvement of these words will be our official website. The offficial catalog of our production is presented on our official website. There you will be able to find each item of production with full and objective description. All photos made with the highest resolution. They will help to value visually quality of sewing and all peculiarities of each wedding dress model, which is offered in catalogue.

WellesMir is European manufacturer of wedding dresses

We know well, what does each girl desire? On each stage of production, we make special interview in special groups of women. During this interview we see strong and weak sides of each wedding dress. In this way we get necessary data about level of comfort of each wedding dress, which is produced by our company. We delete all weak sides in each kind of wedding dress and make them really ideal.

We hope that producer of wedding dresses on international markets - WellesMir will become your real partner for long years. Trust to best ones and get the best for you.